CleepCam vs Connected Cameras

What we call smart cameras are essentially connected cameras because what they do is stream video over the Internet. These gadgets perform no analysis on the data; the connectivity serves only as a conduit for video transfer.
The connected camera is a ubiquitous device that has various applications from homes, streets, stores, offices and even on peoples’ bodies. A study showed that crime rates drop at places with cameras and a small gesture like placing a dummy camera seems to do the job.
The concept of smart home application for connected cameras is accessible to most people. It is fascinating because it creates a way to see into your home regardless of where you are, thereby giving users that extra peace of mind. However, all the connected cameras on the market are designed to work on a motion detection principle, meaning if they sense motion they send you an alert regardless of what was seen. This design principle is a big problem for consumers because it creates an avalanche of …
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